Brasileiros often tend to say they live in a continent rather than a country – a justifiable exaggeration considering the mere scenic and cultural variety the country has.

One of the world’s most enthralling and contradictory places, Brazil is abundant in powdery white-sand beaches, steamy rainforests, stimulating colonial history, and rhythm-loaded metropolises like Rio de Janeiro or Salvador da Bahia.

The dexterous Capoeira dancers and the vivacious floats of the orgiastic Carnaval celebrations embody the country’s joie de vivre. The famous national hedonism also manifests itself in Brazil’s rich regional cuisines and highly advanced beach culture.

At the other extreme, there is the Amazon basin and the Southern Panatal wetlands with their immensely diverse ecosystems among which the greatest collection of flora and fauna is found on Earth.

Not to forget the majestic Iguacu Falls in the South where nature lovers can spot iconic species such as toucans and howler monkeys, while in the country’s Northeast, romantic souls relish the moment when the setting sun gets embedded by the Lençóis Maranhenses sand dunes.