Unfathomably long and bookended by the Andes and the Pacific, Chile stretches from the belly of South America to its foot, encompassing a surreal desert and vast glacial fields.

Home to highly diverse landscapes, the country is a bewitching place of extremes. Chile’s topographic schizophrenia starts south with its famous Torres del Paine National Park, the perfect place to enjoy the views of the jagged Patagonian icons or to indulge into the world’s best trekking routes.

Up north, the dazzling white Atacama salt flats represent its absolute natural counterpart. Whether one is intent on pedalling through the idyllic fjord landscapes of the Lake District, wandering in the evergreen Araucaria woods in the country’s centre, stargazing in the Elqui wine valley or viewing the Polynesian-esque Easter Island’s Moai heritage, Chile’s natural and cultural variety will leave one flabbergasted.

Another thing that stands out is the enormous hospitality manifesting itself whether sharing maté tea in Patagonia, strolling through Valparaíso’s cultural hub or exploring the vibrant capital of Santiago.