French Polynesia is a true paradise on Earth, where you can live your dreams with eyes wide open.

Upon your arrival, the scents, bursts of light, tranquillity and lushness will overwhelm you. You simply just have to let go and enjoy! Coconut trees, luxurious vegetation, fragrant flowers, clear waters and a myriad of mysterious islands will send you straight into seventh heaven.

Let Bora Bora enchant you with its many water activities, hiking trails, turquoise lagoons and jeep safaris through the heart of nature. Experience the spectacular aquatic wildlife in Tetiaroa and immerse yourself in its crystal waters. Relax on the island of Moorea, with its captivating volcanic landscape and lush vegetation.

Finally, stroll around the lavish Papeete gardens and soak up the divine aromas and delightful tastes of the traditional local market, or enjoy a concert in one of the city’s many wonderful venues.