Wrapped between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, Costa Rica stands for serene waters, jungle-fringed coastline, magical cloud forests – and represents one of the world’s most biodiverse spots.

Ecologically unspoiled, with one-quarter of its wild lands protected by law, the Central American country is all about immersing oneself in its pristine ecosystems.

Hummingbirds gracefully hovering between iridescent orchids while scarlet macaws’ roaring merge to magical jungle tunes – this is the very scenery in the Monteverde cloud forest reserve, hiding a myriad of splendid birdlife.

The lush network of winding canals in Tortuguero National Park is equally abundant in exotic vegetation and unheralded wildlife. Equally impressive are the volcanic central valleys with the iconic cones of Arenal and Poás, waterfalls and hot springs – no wonder the steamy rainforests overtrumped by simmering volcanoes offer a dizzying suite of outdoor adventures, from hiking up brisk high-altitude trails to kayaking down white-water rapids.

Spending the afternoon soaking up the sun at one of the picturesque beach stretches, or taking a stroll along the vast tropical coastline, you will soon realize that this rich paradise has truly earned its name.