Sri Lanka is an island full of diverse national parks, miraculous forests, sacred temples and stunning white sandy beaches.

One of the most interesting activities you can do there is visiting the ‘Cultural Triangle’; which consists of ancient cities and ruins from the 13th century.

Sigiriya, the massive lion rock, located in the centre, and Polonnaruwa, the medieval capital which is situated in the East, are both historical evidence for the cultural beauty of the so-called ‘tear-drop-shaped island’.

In the south is hidden another cultural treasure; the pilgrimage city of Kandy, built around the Temple of the Sacred Tooth.

From that point, trains are leaving to the cooler highlands, where boundless tea estates next to colonial cottages and vivacious jungles can be discovered.

The most known national parks of Sri Lanka are the Minneriya and Yala National Park which are home to many rare species, such as the sloth bear, the leopard and the Ceylon elephant.

When driving along the coast, you can observe the Dutch fortress of Galle.