Through the incredible kindness and gentleness of the local people, Laos offers an experience of calm and authenticity within the Indochinese Peninsula.

Far from the agitation and the growing globalisation of its neighbours, Laos focuses on conserving a peaceful lifestyle and a certain form of mystery due to its troubled past. Only recently open to tourism, it is a country that is welcoming and bursting with their cultural fortune from the past, lush and fertile landscapes and beauty at every corner.

Discover the waterfalls of Kuang Si, a real paradise with its almost miraculous beauty where you can plunge without hesitation into the invigorating waters.

Climb the Mount Phousi to admire and then succumb to the beauty of the Mekong, the backbone of the country and symbol of absolute harmony, exchanges and culture.

Contemplate the majestic Stupa of Pha That Luang with its 500 kilos of gold leaf and its incredible serenity. Finally, let yourself be surprised by Ventiane and its peaceful and lush environment.