Incredible excess, dazzling modernity, fascinating dynamism, Dubai is the city that requires many superlatives.

Located between the undulating landscapes of the desert and the crystal waters of the turquoise sea, the city never ceases to develop through completely unique architectural projects where luxury merges with tradition.

You can cruise along the marina on a boat or shop in the ultra-trendy boutiques, but in a wink the limits of what is possible seem to be pushed back a little further. A shopping city par excellence, Dubai offers an amazing diversity of items and brands: either chic and luxurious in the shopping centres and City Walk or authentic and colourful in the Satwa district.

You can swim or relax on one of the numerous beaches of the man-made archipelagos of Palm Jumeirah, stroll along the sea or dine in open-ceiling restaurants, take a safari on a 4x4 in the heart of the desert, or enjoy a traditional sunset dinner. In Dubai you’ll never be deprived of magnificent entertainment and spectacular views.