A journey to Antarctica is very likely the furthest one will ever be from home – and it is certainly an expedition to one of the most surreal and exotic spots on Earth.

The southernmost continent offers an environment of exquisite isolation with rich wildlife, unique history, and impressive topography. Antarctica reaches a level of natural beauty unparalleled both in its fragility and sublimity.

Whether one ventures on penguin safaris, scenic zodiac boat excursions through floating ice sculptures or thrilling voyages on the footsteps of the past’s audacious explorers, the terra australis incognita delivers the raw material the wildest dreams are made of.

With its craggy cliffs, seal-dotted pebbled beaches and blue shimmering ice formations, the Antarctic Peninsula yields a great site for every romantic nature aficionado.

From placid breaths in the unspoiled wilderness’ scenery to enthralling outdoor challenges, an expedition to the bottom of the world holds a once-in-a-lifetime experience.