Climbing the world-renowned peaks of the Mount Kilimanjaro or indulging in total relaxation on Zanzibar’s powder-sanded beaches?

Virtually no other African country manages the balancing act of offering adrenaline-fueled thrills and all-embracing recreational moments in stunning areas better than Tanzania.

Besides immersing into the natural grandeur of the country’s northeastern Kilimanjaro lands and the Arusha National Park, in no event one should miss the opportunity of spotting tawny lions loafing underneath shady acacias while giraffes browsing the latter’s leaves and millions-strong herds of wildebeests rushing in the background – an epic picture caught in the grand Serengeti National Park.

Few footsteps away from this unique scenery, the Ngorongoro Conservation Area provides fantastic panoramas on its volcanic caldera and the Crater Highlands. In the South, the Selous Game Reserve and Ruaha National Park are home to more remote safari experiences.

Eventually, after the authentic feel on the vivid plains, what’s better than devoting oneself in some lasting moments of détente on the paradisal sands of the Zanzibar Archipelago?