Tracking Rwanda’s famous mountain gorillas while ascending the thickly wooded trails towards their natural habitats in the Volcanoes National Park’s sky-scraping and fog-wrapped areas is nothing but every nature aficionado’s dream.

Despite of this being an undeniably marvelous experience, the African landlocked country has yet more to offer.

The Land of a Thousands Hills makes you want to immerse yourself deeper into its majestic, evergreen Virunga Mountains, a chain of volcanoes along its northern border.

Further east, the Akagera National Park’s lake-dotted, wide plains present the ideal environment for vast encounters with the domestic species of flora and fauna.

While the wetlands provide great conditions for wildlife safaris, the southwestern Nyungwe Rain forest reveals an unheralded biodiversity including a large population of primates such as chimpanzees and silver monkeys.

Eventually, a somewhat compulsory, undoubtedly interesting part of meeting Rwanda also consists in the commemoration of its evocative history that is embodied in impressive memorials in Kigali.