With its tropical climate, primal landscapes, geographical remoteness and unique species, Madagascar truly represents one of the last island paradises.

Soaking in an incomparable atmosphere of an unspoiled nature, and having brought forth in its course fascinating forms of life such as the world-famous lemur, no other place can offer you a better sensation of re-appreciating nature’s creation. The island offers numerous types of natural environments, with its desert-like south-western regions, vast coastal plains and eastern rainforests with a veritable abundance in nature.

While its scenic northern port town, Antsiranana, epitomizes the perfect marriage between the exotic and familiarity, Madagascar and its numerous smaller peripheral islands present idyllic spots to plunge even further into its endemic wilderness.

Nosy Be, also referred to as the ‘island of perfumes’, is ideal for a broad array of adventure and recreational activities. Sainte-Marie, a former refuge for prominent pirates, offers moments of deep relaxation on its abundant beaches and the unique opportunity to spot migratory humpback whales out on the ocean.